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For many years now, we have been continually working to improve our productivity and to maintain a high quality level being constantly competitive in our field.


The flexibility of our installations paired with our fast execution allows our customers to benefit from greater flexibility in managing their projects.


Our customers are food processing, pharmaceutical, construction and chemical industries:

  • Akzo Nobel, EKA Chimie Canada
  • Canexus
  • RLM 9038-7499 Québec inc
  • Groupe SCV
  • JR Mécanique
  • Luxme International Ltd.
  • Maintenance Industrielle Générale
  • E-cycle Solutions inc.
  • Proceco ltée.
  • Sanimax
  • Unisoya inc.
  • Delta Dailyfood inc.
  • Trial Design
  • Pompaction
  • Bonduelle
  • General Dynamics